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  • Diagnosis and Management of Eales’ disease   2hrs course     Chief Instructor Xith  Conference of the European Society of Ophthalmology, Budapest,June97.
  • Midperipheral manifestations of Eales’ disease.IV th international advanced vitreoretinal     surgery course, Mumbai 99
  • Management of fungal endophthalmitis. XIX Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society Conference ,Mumbai 99.
  • Explantation of posteriorly dislocated IOLs.XVIII Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society Conference, Kolhapur 1998
  • Our experience with macular Hole surgery.  XVIII  Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society  conference, Kolhapur 1998
  • Surgical treatment of Eales’s disease. III international advanced vitreoretina surgery course, Mumbai,1997.
  • Eales’ disease :Current concepts. Invited speaker , Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society Conference.Solapur, 1997
  • Sonography in cystic Orbital lesions. Xith Conference of the European Society of Ophthalmology.june1997
  • Intraoperative use of Diode Laser. Annual conference of Bombay Ophthalmologists Assn. 1996
  • Conjunctival impression cytology in the Cicatrical stage of Trachoma.S S Gadkari, A S Prayag, R P Jehangir, 51st conference of All India Ophthalmological Society 1993.
  • Surgical management of Ophthalmic Cysticercosis. R P Jehangir, S S Gadkari 51st  Conference of the All India Ophthalmological Society,1993.
  • Interesting phenomenon during sonography in Gas filled eyes. S S  Gadkari,R P Jehangir; 51st  Conference of the All India Ophthalmological Society,1993.
  • The medial subperiosteal orbital approach.S S Gadkari Mah. ophthalmological Society symposium on Orbital Disease ,PuneAug1992.
  • Role of imaging modalities S S Gadkari, Mah . Ophthalmological Soc,Pune 1992.
  • The Medial subperiosteal orbital approach to the peripheral orbital space.R P Jehangir,S S Gadkari;, Golden jubilee conference of AIOS.
  • Simultaneous A and B Scan in diagnostic ocular ultrasound. S S Gadkari,presented at the golden jubilee conference of AIOS,1992.
  • Ultrasonography for better  pre operative diagnosis in Orbital disease. DrS S Gadkari presented at the Golden Jubilee conference of the AIOS,1992.
  • Conjunctival impression cytology-a pilot study. Dr AS Prayag,AA Pandit, S S Gadkari,39th All India conference of the Indian assn. of pathologists and microbiologists 1989.
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Age related Macular Degeneration

Modern day Ophthalmology has seen an explosive change in how we treat Age related Macular degeneration. 'Vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitors' allow arrest and even reversal of these changes helping to actually restore vision. International clinical studies like ANCHOR and MARINA proved this point.

At Specialty Eye Clinics we are routinely treating such patients from India and abroad using the entire spectrum of Pharmacotherapeutic armamentarium available internationally from leading companies like Novartis and Pfizer.





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