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Dr V Jaganathan

Dr V Jaganathan

Dr V Jaganathan
Head, Dept. of Biochemistry (Retd) National Chemical Laboratory, Pune.
Head, Biotechnology (Retd) Tata Energy Research Institute, New Delhi.

I was treated in by Dr Salil Gadkari in March 2003 for wet age related macular degeneration of the left eye. Photodynamic therapy (injection of photosensitive drug followed by laser treatment) with Verteporphyrin and further deterioration was arrested. Cataract surgery of the right eye which was affected by incurable dry ARMD was carried out 2 years later. Dr Gadkari’s treatment was characterized by exceptional pre and post operative care and thorough periodic examination to check for changes. His critical discussions and evaluation of recent developments in AMD treatment were invaluable. In spite of a serious visual problem and advanced age, (86 now) I am able to lead a normal life with extensive reading and computer use, for which I am indebted to the personal care and attention given by dr Gadkari.


Mr. Huseini

Mrs. Fatima Poonawala

Mr Huseini and Mrs Fatima Poonawala
Senior Manager, Finance (Retd.)

Noble, matured and soft spoken with a pleasant personality, highly academically qualified and with vast experience as an eye surgeon ;  least greedy for money with correct advice to his patients. We found him exceptionally expert in his delicate field with a desire to cure his patient as soon as possible. He is also associated with reputed hospitals like Jehangir and others in Pune. We are proud to have him as our family,s eye doctor.


Col. & Mrs. Barge

Col A Barge (Retd)
Indian Army

Eye conditions can be very nerve racking and go from bad to worse without the victim realizing the seriousness till the last stage. My wife was a victim, wherein the third attack of bleeding into the eye (Vitreous hemorrhage)was so sudden and severe that she lost complete sight in her left eye. Dr Gadkari’s patient hearing and transparency in dealing with the case went a long way in helping us regain our confidence and go through the surgeries as advised by him.

Today my wife can see well and leads a normal routine.


Mr PL Gupta

Mr. P L Gupta

Mr P L Gupta
Businessman, Jalandhar

I, Puroshottam Lal Gupta am a native of Jalandhar cantonment, Punjab. I had been to two large eye hospitals in the south. There after carrying out tests, I was conveyed that there was very little hope in my case. I may even loose my eyesight. Panic stricken and worried I quit the place and came to Pune where my brother lives. Here I came to know about Dr S S Gadkari who is an eminent Vitreoretinal  surgeon. I visited his clinic and went through all investigations. I was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy in both eyes. Dr Gadkari reassured me that I would gain 85% improvement in vision after treatment .My hopes were restored and I decided to undergo surgery with him. I have witnessed considerable recuperation in my ocular condition. Hence, I express my sincere gratitude towards him. I will also henceforth recommend him for my relatives and friends.


S Krishnamurthy

Mr. S Krishnamurthy


K Vasanthy

Mrs. K. Vasanthy

S. Krishnamurthy and Mrs. K. Vasanthy
Chief Manager (Retd.), Bank of India

I am a retired Chief Manager of Bank of India.  After resigning the Bank’s job in 1996 due to ill health, I worked as the Managing Director of Shree Sharda Sahakari Bank till 2003.  In my entire service and life – I’ve just completed 60 years of age along with our independent India – I have interacted with many doctors for various needs both personal and business.  Let me confess, I have not come across anyone matching even remotely Dr. Neeta Gadkari!  Indeed, she is a wonderful person.

My wife, who is a simple home maker, suddenly developed problems in her vision.  We were astonished to learn that she has cataract in both the eyes and needed surgery!  We were under the impression that only persons around 70 years of age would get this problem.

We contacted Dr. Salil Gadkari at Jehangir Hospital, who advised us to meet his wife, Dr. Neeta Gadkari for the surgery.  We really thank God for this opportunity.  She is such a talented person that she diagnosed the problem and agreed to operate upon the left eye immediately.  The operation went off very smoothly and my wife can now see very well with that eye.  Meanwhile, the problem in the other eye also aggravated and the surgery was done in that eye also – in barely three months’ time.  Dr. Gadkari did a very good job and the problem is over for good.

The purpose of my writing is not to praise the doctor for her professional skills alone.  No doubt, she is a very good ophthalmologist thoroughly knowledgeable in her profession.  But she is a very fine human being, which is very rarely found in persons of such status.  She is very accommodative, polite and extremely helpful, never tired of answering questions, however small or irrelevant they may appear!  She explains every detail to the patient and is a very good person.  We are touched by her this nature – the humane element!  Very hard to find in professionals these days.

We wish Dr. Neeta Gadkari all the very best in her life.  May the Almighty shower His choicest blessings on her!


Dr Shirish Kshirsagar

Dr. Shirish Kshirsagar

Dr. Shirish P. Kshirsagar
Chief Architect, Trinity Convergence Pvt. Ltd. Pune

I was diagnosed with retinal detachment and within 72 hrs I underwent surgery. As a result of retinal detachment I could only see black curtain by my left eye.  Thanks to Dr. Salil Gadkari for this emergency surgery.  The surgery has been one of the greatest miracles. I want to express my appreciation for Dr. Gadkari's surgical skill in performing the operation I needed, and also for the kind, considerate and caring manner with which he managed the entire procedure from initial consultation through the postoperative phase.   I want to thank him for all concern, time and attention before, during and after surgery. Any anxious feelings I had were soon gone.

As every one congratulated me for being able to see better, I realised that this is Dr. Gadkari's achievement and not mine.  I would like to thank him and the entire specialty eye clinics staff for the service that was provided to me.  This has already begun to change my life.

As far as results, I immediately noticed them and have been doing just fine. I do have blurriness in my left eye but I think future treatment and time would improve my eyesight further.

Many thanks to Dr. Gadkari and his Eye Clinic for making my experience so easy and pleasant!


Mr.Kundanmal Kataria

Mr Kundanmal Kataria

Mr Kundanmal Kataria                                                            
Retired Businessman

I was suffering from decreased vison in both eyes since a long time and finally sought the opinion of Dr Gadkari. I was diagnosed to have Diabetic retinopathy and was treated with retinal laser. Meanwhile my physical condition deteriorated due to diabetes and my leg had to be amputated followed by prolonged admission in ICU.I was lucky to survive, however during this period I developed bleeding in the right eye(Vitreous haemorhage). Dr Gadkari performed a complicated surgery( Vitrectomy with endolaser with cataract and lens implant) and my vision was restored.
I have been seeing Dr Gadkari for the last two years. On every occasion he has given personal attention and given good advice after detailed checking. In view of my leg problem he sees to it that we don’t have to wait for too long and attends to me at the earliest. His charges are also very reasonable.


Mr Syed Mukhtar Ahmed Abdul Latif

Mr Syed Mukhtar

Mr Syed Mukhtar Ahmed Abdul Latif
Government Service

I was suffering from blindness of eyes since January 2008 which started with the right eye.  The vision in both eyes had got progressively cloudy. I was told there was swelling of the retina (Exudative Retinal detachment). I had taken treatment in four hospital without much benefit and my diabetic condition had become worse. I then showed Dr Gadkari and the treatment started thoroughly to my satisfaction. He gave me injections in both the eyes after which the swelling subsided and vision got clear.

I was satisfied with the treatment and the services which were provided. I thank Allah-Talla for curing my eye blindness.


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Cold Phacoemulsification

Modern day microsurgery for cataract is performed through a microincision using a ultrasonic tip which pulverizes and sucks out the cataractous lens. High tech systems internationally rely on cold phaco technology to enhance efficacy with minimal tissue trauma.

At Specialty Eye Clinics, we depend on Cold phaco from Oertli-Switzerland to ensure nothing but the best to our patients: time and time again. 





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