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in association with VISION INDIA FOUNDATION


Registered with: Charities commissioner, Pune Division, Pune
Date of Registration: 7/3/03
Registration No: E 3752
Registered Office of Trust:
7, Sarvadarshan Opp. Karve Road Telephone Exchange, Pune 411004
Income tax exemption for Donors: Under section 80G as per order reference number Pn/CIT-I/12A(a)/80G/449/2003-2004/4168 dated 12/11/2003.


  1. Dr Neeta Gadkari,  Consultant Eye Surgeon, working at Specialty Eye Clinics, Pune.
  2. Dr Medha Gondhalekar, Paediatrician, working at Gondhalekar clinic, Nachane Road, Ratnagiri.
  3. Dr Swarnjeet Singh Bhatti, Consultant Eye Surgeon, working at Bhatti Eye Clinic, 22, Amar Mansion, Deonar, Mumbai
  4. Dr Jeevan Ladi, Consultant Eye Surgeon, working at Dada Laser Eye Institute, East Street, Pune.
  5. Dr Salil S Gadkari, Consultant Eye Surgeon and Vitreoretina Specialist, working at Specialty Eye Clinics , Karve Road, Pune. [Managing Trustee]

Activities of Vision India Foundation since its inception in March 2003

The group of doctors coming together to form this trust had already conducted two state level continuing medical education(CME) work shops  in Pune since 2000. Multiple eye camps were held in Kurnool and Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, Ajmer and Rasoolpura in Rajasthan. In Maharashtra camps were held at Ranjangaon, Ambad, Shivli, Pune, Malthan and Ketkawli. The thought of setting up a charitable trust was born out of the need to streamline the activities and introduce transparency into its working and funding.

Vision India Foundation was founded in March 2003 with the stated objective of providing ophthalmic facilities in ophthalmic diseases not well covered by other NGOs as well as upgrading the knowledge of the ophthalmic community to face the challenges of newer techniques and technology.

  • Visionquest 2003 was conducted as a CME program under the aegis of Poona Ophthalmological society and Maharashtra Ophthalmological society in Pune in May 2003.It was attended by around 150 ophthalmologists from all over Maharashtra .It covered amongst other issues the management of complications after Eye surgery.
  • An ambitious unique project was undertaken from 2003 which for the first time used information technology for up gradation of eye surgeon’s skills across the length and breadth of the country. Thousands of copies of nine titles have been developed on CD ROM with interactive features which have been sold in district and taluka places across the country on a no profit basis, and with no advertising revenues.


CD 1 : Masters of Phaco

Double CD pack showing representative phaco surgeries of leading Phaco Surgeons.
Contributors: Drs.,Suhas Haldipurkar, Vikas Mahatme, Uma Pradhan, Jeevan Ladi, Shreekant Kelkar, Dileep Patwardhan, Anil Kulkarni, Barunkumar Nayak, Madhav Bhatt,Sagar Joglekar,S S Bhatti,Meena Bapaye.


CD 2: Atlas of Posterior Segment Conditions

For the resident and clinician for spot diagnosis.
Contributors: Drs Ajay Dudhani, Ashish Vaidya, Atul Ursekar, Salil Gadkari, SS Bhatti



Double CD pack, showing Blumenthals technique, visco expression, cracking.
Contributors: Drs Parul Shah, Vaijyanti Deodhar, SS  Bhatti, Jagdish Boramani.


CD 4: Endophthalmitis and Medicolegal

Prevention, management, medicolegal issues, intravitreal injections, first five things to do when served a legal notice, mock court.
Contributors: Drs Taraprasad Das, Suresh Ramchandani, S S Bhatti, Salil Gadkari,Milind Killedar,Lalit Kapoor,Navrange.


CD 5: Diabetic Retinopathy

Clinical features, medical, lasers and surgical treatments, newer developments, role of diabetic control- must for every clinician.
Contributors: Drs Salil Gadkari, Udayan Dixit, Shreerang Godbole.


CD 6: Slit Lamp Biomicroscope

Applications, techniques, working and extended uses.
Contributor :Dr S S Bhatti


CD 7: Selecting your Instruments

Technical features and what they mean clinically and financially. Covers common instruments like slit lamp, A scan, operating microscope, phacoemulsifier, tips on financing.
Contributors: Drs Jeevan Ladi, S S Bhatti, Salil Gadkari


CD 8: Eales’ Disease

A must for everyone as not covered adequately in standard textbooks.
Contributor: Dr Salil Gadkari


CD 9: Atlas of Anterior Segment Conditions
Contributor: Dr S S Bhatti


  • A research project undertaken and a paper was prepared on ‘Pars plana vitrectomy in intraocular cysticercosis’, which was presented at the prestigious Gonin club meeting in Athens in 2004.The was very well received by the international vitreoretina community, as it focused on a disease more common to the south Asia region and developing world.
  • A charitable project to treat babies with Retinoblastoma (eye cancer of small children shown in ‘Shwas’) was commenced in year 2004 as a part of a program to treat and prevent paediatric retinal blindness. Activities of this project were reported in leading dailies like SAKAL and Indian Express.


Public Awareness Campaign against Diabetic Retinopathy

The diabetic epidemic does not need any introduction. Diabetic retinopathy has a prevalence of 20- 30% in various studies amongst the diabetic population .Diabetic retinopathy has the potential  to cause blindness substantially reducing the quality of life of the individual  as well placing burden on the public health system and indirectly on the national exchequer.  Timely laser treatment can reduce by 90% the chances of blindness. This can be only possible if all diabetic patients are screened regularly, immaterial of their visual status. Studies conducted by us show poor awareness of this risk of blindness even in educated diabetics. The trust has finalized a campaign to create public awareness in the state of Maharashtra.

DONATIONS IN THE NAME OF “VISION INDIA FOUNDATION” payable in Pune. (eligible for Income tax benefit under section 80G)






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