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  • This telemedicine service has been established with the intention of helping ophthalmic patients take an informed decision about their eye conditions.
  • This is not a substitute for an ophthalmic clinical examination which is the gold standard of clinical care, hence should not be used as the sole criteria for taking any decisions about your clinical conditions.
  • Advice given via this telemedicine site are solely on the data presented to us by you, we are  not responsible in generating, archiving or identification of this data as belonging to the patient it claims to represent.
  • While the doctors opining are fully qualified to treat such patients in their own country and have had their work accepted in indexed peer reviewed journals , given the rules, regulation and licensing procedures  of each country, they may not be authorized to do the same in your country.
  • Transfer of digital data by internet may be result in degradation of quality, corruption of files.
  • The hosts of this website recognize its role for helping ophthalmology patients internationally however stress the need to corroborate the finding from your local doctor and take advice from them as per the protocol in their region. Having stressed the role of this web site for patient counseling and education we hereby accept no responsibility for any outcome untoward or otherwise, that may follow from advice that they may receive. This advice is meant, only to be a more informed patient when discussing with your local ophthalmologist as s/he has full access to all your clinical parameters and is licensed in your country to deliver ophthalmic medical care.

I accept the above terms and conditions.







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